1. The property of having grace, elegance, skill, or balance.
  2. (bridge) A technique which allowing one to promote tricks based on a favorable position of one or more cards in the hands of the opponent.

7 letters in word "finesse": E E F I N S S.

No anagrams for finesse found in this word list.

Words found within finesse:

ee een ef efs eine en ene enes ens es eses esne esnes ess esse fe fee fees feis fen feni fenis fens fes fess fesse fie fin fine fines fins if ifs in ins is ne nee nef nefs neif neifs ness nie nief niefs nies nife nifes nis nisse see seen sees sei seif seifs seine seines seis seise sen sene sens sense sensei sese si sien siens sin sine sines sins sis snee snees snies